A privileged enviroment (nature, sports, gastronomy, hunting, fishing…) surrounded by mountains with spectacular sights, Torres peak, Toneo...


Cultural and Industrial rute

  • -El Pino gorge (declared Natural Monument in 2001).
  • -The tower of Soto XI century (Historic and Artistic Monument). 
  • -Hermitage of our Lady of Miravalles.
  • -Church of San Vicente de Serrapio (Historic and Artistic Monument).
  • -Church of San Juan de Rumiera and "Texu"-taxus baccata- in Santibáñez de la Fuente (declared Natural Monument in 1995).
  • -Mine of San Fernando (closed by the 60`s). Its tower appears in a woody landscape that can be reached through an indicated path.
  • -Mine of San Jorge and Santiago(Caborana).
  • -Mine of San Antonio. 

Ruta Cultural e Industrial


Active Tourism

  • -Slope Soaring school in Coto Bello.
  • -Sportive Climbing in Pelugano and Cuevas.
  • -Hiking routes: Aller river gorge, el Pino gorge, Gumial and Peña Mea-Ojo de buey(porthole).
  • -Mountain bikining routes.
  • -Four-wheels drive routes.
  • -Routes to attend the bellow of deer at dawn.
  • -Big game and small game hunting.
  • -Fishing.
  • -Skiing at the ski resorts of Fuentes de Invierno and San Isidro only 20 minutes far.

Active Tourism


Gastronomy and fairs

There is a wide gastronomic offer: several fairs and gastronomic sessions are held all the year round.

  • -The slaughter sessions.
  • -The hunting sessions.
  • -The honey sessions.

And above all stand out the delicious desserts (casadielles, frixuelos, borrachines…), being the most typical "el panchón".

Another fairs:

  • -Traditional Arts and Crafts Fair.
  • -Horse and cattle Fair( el Mercaón in Cabañaquinta).
  • -Snow and Mountain Fair "Nevaria".
  • -Los Humanitarios de San Martín Festivity. 

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